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Change File Time Cracked Version was developed by YAAT and is the part of the WinTools Suite. In order to deliver this software you need to purchase it within 30 days after download completion. Change File Time current version available for download is and it was created on 11.03.2018 Overall Change File Time is provided as shareware for the testing purposes. This means you can use it for free but if you want to use it as your main time changer you need to purchase the full version. Change File Time is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Change File Time is not compatible with the following systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016. The file size of the program is only 0.94 MB, so it doesn’t require additional installation softwares that bring a negative impact on your system performance. Change File Time is completely free to use and includes a free of charge demo version of the tool that features time changing options that are limited to just two files. Change File Time features 1. Change last modified date/time (datetime) 2. Change last access date/time (datetime) 3. Change creation date/time (datetime) 4. Change creation (thedate) 5. Change write to file date/time (datetime) Change File Time Latest Version Feature List: Automatically detect exact time change for selected file and change its parameters. Create new directory and files. Change File Time downloads BASS.txt Change File Time Full Screenshot Change File Time Windows 10 Change File Time Screenshots Change File Time: Change File Time can apply date/time and time stamp operation to the files and folders selected and monitor the operation in real-time. It can be used to create new directories, set last access and write time attributes. Besides, it can also be used to edit the existing list of files and folders, or remove all the files and folders in the list. Configuring Change File Time: Change File Time is probably one of the simplest time changer applications you will find among file management utilities. Although a5204a7ec7

Change File Time is a portable application that adds files to a list and lets you easily change the created, accessed or written time stamps for one or multiple files. The application resides in the System Tray and offers the full array of file time attributes to be edited. The name of the application is quite misleading, as you can’t just change the time of files, but only their created date, last read/written date and access time. Any file or folder can be added to the list by simply clicking on the browse button, and you can browse the locations you like in order to add folders/files. It is an interactive application, so if you click on the update button, the application will check the file and folder in question and apply the requested changes for each of them. If you select multiple files at once, the application checks the properties for all selected files at once. When you have added a file, the information about it will be displayed on the screen in a neat list. This information includes the File name, Creation date, Last write date/Last accessed date, file attributes, file size and file path. This is the basic information about a file, but you can also enter into the dedicated parameters dedicated to that file. The application helps you change the created date of a file or a folder for example, but as it can’t actually make your hard drive to update that information, you need to make sure that your computer’s system clock is synchronized with an accurate source, like NTP. You can also change the last read or written date for one or multiple files by simply filling the corresponding boxes and clicking on the Update button. Similarly to the created date, the last access date has to be synced with the computer’s system clock. The last read or written date may be changed either for a single file or for multiple files selected at once, in order to change the access date of the selected files. You can also add the time stamp to the list when you need to change that information for one or multiple files at once, thus changing the file’s access time to the same date as its created date. The system always stores the time in miliseconds so you need to enter the whole number of seconds into the corresponding boxes. This way, the updated value will always be accurate, and you won’t need to worry about losing some milliseconds. The application changes the file’s access time and the


Change File Time Crack With Full Keygen Download

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